Are you a hotel, restaurant, hospital, teacher or any other company who puts customer satisfaction first? We have the right tools, helping you to improve your service!

Question Library

The question library is the place where you manage all your questions. Quickly add new questions or choose questions from a template. Different question types help you to create an interesting feedback form.


Feedback Editor

Drag & drop your questions into a new or existing feedback form and arrange them in the order you want. Preview your feedback form before you start delivering.



Once you created your feedback form, you can start delivering. Send an invitation linked to the feedback form to individual people with the method that fits you best.
We provide various delivery methods like email, text message, custom urls and many more!


Notification & Alerts

Get notified when a guest sends a feedback or get an alert when the feedback was bad. Be in charge of your service all the time and be able to react instantly!


Analysis & Reports

Our tool generates state-of-the-art charts!
Watch a detailed analysis of your feedback form(s) in real-time or print a report for your team. Check trends, highs and lows and find weak points in your service.

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